Sewing for the Holidays Tutorials Coming Soon!

My Sewing for the Holidays class wrapped up last week!  I hope they had as much fun as I did!  This year, my projects for this class focussed on sewing down the stash and utilizing things we already have.  I tried to limit the notions we’d need to very few.

Over the next day, expect to see several tutorials pop up here on my blog.  Unfortunately, my grand plan to have them running by the end of the weekend was thwarted by a most bizarre situation: my sewing room door was mysteriously locked from the inside!  I had to have the doorknob and door removed from the hinges in order to get in when I discovered that the knob was broken and the lock couldn’t be triggered, as most, with a straightened paper clip.

Here are the projects you will find (some are mine and others are from other blogs, with my own notes):

Lip Balm Key Fob

Hand Sanitizer Holder

Cozy Scarf

Necktie Wristlet


Happy Sewing and Happy Holidays!