Christmas Countdown/Advent “Calendar”


Click on photos to enlarge them.

The problem:  My boys destroy everything.  Ev-er-eeeeeee-thing.  Nothing is spared in this house.  So, any sort of Advent calendar wouldn’t be long for this world.  I envisioned doors being ripped off, decorations chewed on… So I knew I needed something that could be 1) easily replaced/repaired and 2) could be both out of the way, but visible.  (The latter is becoming more and more difficult, what with the chair moving they do and the best places already being occupied with items that need to be kept up high.)

The solution: To turn a mitten garland into a calendar.  This way if one gets wrecked, all I have to do it replace a single mitten.  I’m feeling pretty smug over here right now.  And will until I Google this; I’m certain I’m not the first to make one of these.  Every time I think I’m clever I find out I’m about the 47th person to make it and post it.


Anyway, no tutorial here–you can figure this one out on your own.  I mean, my 2- and 4-year olds were able to do the bulk of the decorating, so I know you can do it!


Another great thing about the project was it required no new purchases and used up a bunch of random buttons and bits of ribbon and ric-rac.  I thought I was going to have to buy white fabric paint, but found some winter white puffy paint in my craft supplies.

Any day I don’t have to go to a fabric or craft store with my devils angels is a good day!

In a nutshell:  Trace a mitten to make your pattern.  Cut out 48 mittens.  Sew them together, wrong sides together and being sure to backstitch a half inch at start and finish (or you’ll trim it off and the mitten will come apart), and use pinking shears to trim top and sides.  Decorate.  Hang.  Smile.  Merry and Happy, my friends!


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