Pajama Monsters

Pillowcases made out of felt with boxed corners couldn’t be easier. Customize for the little person in your life and enjoy having those PJs tucked out of sight.

Since the boys’ PJs end up tossed on their beds anyways, I figured why not let a cute monster gobble them up? Essentially, the pajama monster is an envelope-backed pillowcase made in felt.  Start with a few rectangles and then cut any or as many of the following as you’d like:  eyes, horns, teeth, cheeks/rouge, nose, lips, tongues, etc.  Just free-cut these and place on your large rectangle to get a feel for how they will look.

In my example, I made mine a princess monster:  ears, crown, eyes with eyelashes, nose, single tooth because this monster is going to a little princess we know.  Partner this with a book and a cute pair of (handsewn!) PJs as we did here, and you have a great gift:

The fabric you see was used to make super comfy PJ pants and an appliqued PJ tee to match.

Supplies needed:
  • your basic sewing supplies
  • One 14″ wide by 16″ high rectangle of craft felt
  • Two 14″ wide by 10″ high rectangles of craft felt
  • Scraps of other colors of felt for features like eyes, ears, teeth, etc.

Ideas for future:

Add buttons, ribbons, ric rac, ruffles and more to add even more dimension.  Try experimenting with the shape of the pillow.  Of course, you can get very, very detailed here–just remember who you are sewing for!  These will receive some serious “love” (er, abuse).


(You can click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Step 1:  Cut pieces

Cut  the pieces for your monster’s features.  Eyes, ears, teeth, horns, glasses are just a fews suggestions.  Just remember that any layered features (like pupils on eyes) may have to be sewn together before sewing them on the monster.  Here are a couple of examples of Pajama Monsters from my Sewing for the Holidays class:

Aren’t these guys cute?

Step 2:  Attach Features

Attach the features to one of the small rectangles.  Think about the order they will have to be sewn on and sew accordingly.

I begin by laying out my rectangles and experimenting with features. Once I am satisfied with placement, I remove the large rectangle and bottom small rectangle and begin pinning and sewing the features in place.

To get the princess face, I began by sewing the pupils to the eyes, then I sewed on the eyelashes and nose to the “face” (rectangle), finally I sewed the eyes in place and then added the tooth.

Place all ears, horns, etc. at least 2 inches in from the sides, or they will be cut off when making boxed corners!

You can experiment with sewing features elsewhere, but it works best to only sew on the top rectangle.

Step 3:  Sew Pillowcase
Place the small rectangle on the bottom half of the large rectangle.  Place the other small rectangle (the “face”) on top.  The lower rectangle should fit into the bottom of the rectangle and the face rectangle should fit in the top.  The two small rectangles will overlap in the middle.  You want this overlap to help keep the pajamas inside.

Can you see how the three rectangles are layered here?

Pin into place and sew all the way around the rectangle.  Backstitch at start and stop.  If you’d like, trim the edges with pinking shears.  Otherwise trim back with regular scissors.

Use plenty of pins!

Step 4:  Sew Boxed Corners
Cut a 1.5″ square from each corner and then pinch the corner shut, matching seams.  Pin together and sew.

1.5″ squares cut from each corner will give pillow depth–just be sure those horns or ears are at least 2″ away before cuting.

Pinch corner together so the seams match up. Sew this closed being sure to backstitch at beginning and end

And there you have it–a little monster to hold your little monster’s pajamas!



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