Travel Tissue Cover Tutorial

I think there are a hundred tutorials online for this already, but since so many of you have so kindly asked, here you go!

Cut an 8.5 (wide) x 5.5 (high) rectangle
Begin by zig-zagging, pinking or serging the two short ends
Press short ends down for a 3/4 inch hem/flap
Sew down flap with a 5/8 seam allowance
Repeat for second flap
If you’re nervous that your pressing or stitching isn’t straight enough, sew on the underside.
Fold short ends in to meet each other in the middle–each side should be 1.5 inches.
Pin with 4 pins, securely holding down the sides.
All stitched up.
Zig zag, pink or serge the short ends to finish.
Turn right side out and insert travel tissues

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